Bob King - Location Sound Mixer
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA  
Toyota Scion xB
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Bob King, Minneapolis, MN
651-484-1718 office  •  651-210-4954 mobile
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Updated: September 2023

Standard network news crew: producer, correspondent, cameraman and soundman. I used a long shotgun boom mic and wireless body mics, sent two wireless channels to the camera, and recorded 24/48 WAV back-up audio.

35mm film shoot.  Full crew (except for the one-man sound department).  I mixed four channels to two and recorded on a timecode DAT recorder.
Shot with a Canon 5D. Double-system sound recorded on a two-track digital audio recorder.

I sent musical accompaniment playback from the director's laptop to the actors through wireless IFB earpieces, so they could sing in tempo and on key.
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Sweet Caroline
Media frenzy as Paul Ryan makes his first campaign appearance (for VP on the Republican ticket) at the Iowa State Fair, and Secret Service and Iowa State Police push us away.

I used a long shotgun boom mic, and sent two wireless channels to the camera.

Saving Loons From A Shrinking Range
Hockey Day In America
I sent two wireless channels to two cameras.
Discovering Dominga
I worked on the U.S. part of this documentary.  
Shot with a Sony Betacam 600.  I sent two audio channels to the camera, classic ENG style.

I also recorded a sound-only interview on location (for additional VO) with a timecode DAT recorder, and set up a "double-ender" allowing the director to conduct the interview in Iowa from her office in San Francisco.